DAY 17 / TAG 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
No time for Vegas hangovers, y’all! We have arrived at Tempe Beach Park and the sun is beating down without mercy. Ain’t complaining about that, of course! Arizona is beautiful this morning and we are about to play our first ever US open air festival yet the last show of the Flogging Molly Tour. All the beer is colored green today which perfectly matches the shamrock shirts and shit everywhere. Our brothers in Anti-Flag and Pepper are on the bill for today and until we play some folk and reggae bands get the people in the mood for drinking and dancing. We kick off our set at 16:00h and from the first minute we have a circle pit going, people singing along and a couple of hundred fists in the air. Pretty f**kin’ cool! Looks like the Arizona kids are into us a whole lot and by the end of the show it’s all out of control. Moshpits and crowdsurfing galore! THANKS SO MUCH, TEMPE! We couldn’t think of a better ending to this leg of the tour. Anti-Flag play a powerful set and Pat’s even drumming in the audience. Pepper do a great job at getting the people partying and by the time Flogging Molly hits the stage things are just wild! So cool! THANKS TO FLOGGING MOLLY AND THEIR AMAZING CREW FOR BEING SO NICE AND CARING!!!  YOU ALL RULE AND WE HAD A BLAST!!!  HOPE TO SEE YOU GUYS THIS SUMMER… AND THANKS TO MARIACHI EL BRONX, TOO! GREAT BAND, GREAT PEOPLE!!! Hollywood is up next… 2 ANTI-FLAG SHOWS IN A ROW! FUCK YEAH!


So, das war es…unser erstes Open Air Festival in den USA.
Zusammen mit Anti Flag, Pepper und Flogging Molly im Tempe-Beach Park am Saint Patricks Day.
Traurig: unsere letzte Show mit Flogging Molly auf dieser Tour.
Gar nicht traurig: trotz der relativ frühen Spielzeit um 16:00h, ging es voll zur Sache im Publikum.
Selbst die gesamte Flogging Molly Crew war verblüfft und meinte, dass sie mit sowas zu so einer Zeit nicht gerechnet hätten, Respekt…
Danke und hoffentlich bis bald!